Die Casting Machine

Die Casting Machine

Y-DCC Series Cold-Chamber Die Casting Machine

1. Y-DC Series Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machine Use

Y-DC Series Hot-Chamber Die Casting MachinePerfect design and high productivity: The ejection system adopts piston type accumulator with high ejection speed, which is applicable to production of various high quality zinc and magnesium alloy die castings.

2. Y-DC Series Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machine Characteristics
1.The electrical system of the machine is based on PLC computer and man-machine interface touch screen control system. Users can set and modify technical parameters through touch screen and monitor the whole process of the production.
2.The hydraulic system adopts hydraulic drive system of proportional control. The pressure and speed required by all the actions of the machine can be separately set and adjusted, which has expanded process range of the machine and will make its running more stable.
3.The gear type die adjusting features high speed regulation and stable die locking precision.
4.It adopts high and low pressure tandem pumps for coordinate running, which features high speed and energy saving.
5.Two speed injection control is applicable to production of high quality die castings.
6.The automatic atomizer is reliable and durable and can ensure the production more speedy and stable.
7.For the central automatic lubricating system, the lubricating interval and oil supply can be adjusted.

3. Y-DC Series Hot-Chamber Die Casting Machine Standard Configuration
PLC computer, electric control system for touch screen.
Two-stage injection control.
Electrothermal control of temperature of injection nozzle and gooseneck.
Fuel heating oven.
Hydraulic nozzle.
Automatic spraying.
Gear die regulation.
The die locking is controlled in section by multi-level hydraulic pressure.
Integral casting of tail plate.
Hydraulic ejector pin.
Core pulling device.
Central electric lubricating system
Low pressure locking die protection program.


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6. YDCC Series Optional Features

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